Hotel Restaurant Du Lac

Kayak/Canoe rental

Hotel du Lac hires out 1 person kayaks/canoes and 2/3 person kayaks/canoes.

Included in the rental is: a waterproof container, paddles, a life jacket per person and a map of the river with all the important information needed to enjoy the beautiful surroundings safely and without worrying.

A water surface of almost 300 hectares hidden in nature between rock formations and rippling streams and rivers. A wonderful relaxing environment to get away from all present-day worries.

In about an hour, you can make a tour around the peninsula with the ruins of Crozant. A beautiful idyllic setting.

You can also choose to go up the river towards Fresselines, where you will find yourself in an area of pure oblivion. The river becomes shallower and shallower as you go towards Fresselines, and at low tide you may even have to push/pull the kayaks a little to get through the shallows. At Fresselines is the confluence of the small creuse and the creuse. The river here is not very deep. It does not go any further. If you want to do this stretch bring enough drinking water and something to eat. You can keep this in the waterproof container together with your towel and other personal things.

The other option is to sail down the river towards the dam. This is the same route as the tour boat. You will pass by the ruins of Crozant, the spinner’s cliff, the water mill of pilmongin, the water sports area, the beaches etc. etc.  In total, a tour of 24 km.

In the end, it’s all up to you. There are no routes, you must eventually return to the starting point under your own steam.

There is an hourly rate or a rate for a half or whole day. Before you leave, we ask you to fill in a registration form with your departure time. On your return, you pay for the time you left. You will find the rates and a map of the water area at the bottom of this page.

*As collateral we ask for a driving licence or identity card which you will get back immediately after your return.


Safety regulations

Children under 12 must be accompanied by someone 18 years or older at all times
Wearing shoes and a life jacket is mandatory.
The user of the kayak/kayak, sails or kayaks entirely under his own responsibility

* The 2/3 person kayaks are based on two adults and one child.


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